TASmanian Sport & Coaching Collective
TASmanian Sport & Coaching Collective

HOW will we do it?

Primarily through the delivery of coaching development events, TASSACC
will increase Tasmania’s sporting profile and the health of the general population.
‘Unite. Strive. Achieve’ provides a framework to outline
how TASSACC will accomplish this so that ALL
Tasmanians enjoy a higher quality of life that closer
resembling the quality of the State’s natural




Managing regular professional development events across the State for coaches, administrators, officials,
players, supporters, etc.
– Develop this website promoting coaching development and the TASMANIAN sport and recreation industry in general

– Build and maintain a social media community to create brand awareness and ‘buy-in’ to the strategic aims of TASSACC; Unite. Strive. Achieve



Further enhance the presence of
structured sport and recreational activity
in schools and local communities by
increasing the supply and quality of
– Collaborate with local organizations to
increase mental health and reduce the
rates of high-risk behaviors.
– Promote Tasmania as the significant but
undervalued contributor to Australian
sport and recreation it currently is, and
has been historically.



Greater sport/recreation participation rates to
broaden (and elevate) the local talent pyramid for
many sport and recreation activities.
– A high-quality sport and coaching community that retains
and attracts elite athletes (and coaches) to existing and
emerging Tasmanian sporting teams.
– Influence of public health policy for adequate funding for
local sport and recreation facilities and compliance with
ethically sound practices in operation and management.