TASmanian Sport & Coaching Collective
TASmanian Sport & Coaching Collective

Who are we ? Tasmanians -for Tasmania

WHO ARE WE ? Tasmanians – for Tasmania

Coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers, entrepreneurs, participants and supporters…

TASSACC is an incorporated, not for profit organisation committed to the development of the sport and recreation industry in Tasmania based on the following principles;

1) The health and prosperity of Tasmanians is best improved through the development of collective coaching efficacy in sport and recreation, as well as the people and processes that support it.

2) Increasing the supply and standard of coaches, officials and administrators is crucial to Tasmanian gaining (and maintaining) representation in elite, national sporting competitions.

After experiencing a serious sporting injury in 2019, TASSACC was founded by Peter Hope (pictured) and he leads TASSACC with the aim to become one of the most influential sport and recreation organizations in Tasmania.