TASmanian Sport & Coaching Collective
TASmanian Sport & Coaching Collective

2021 – IT’S ON!

The Tasmanian Sport and Coaching Collective welcome you to 2021.

We hope Santa brought you lots of runs, wickets, a full forward, drag flicker, better handicap or whatever you need for your team or athlete(s) to succeed in the new year.

As coaches, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and get the best out of our athletes. This could be through better training methods, sports science for the high performance coaches, nutrition, strength and conditioning or even just an inspirational quote or better music to play in the changerooms before a game.

But have you considered how to make yourself the best coach you can be?

Athletes will long remember their best and worst coaches. For me, my favourite/best coach was a cricket coach named Baden Sharman who taught me more than just how to pull or cut but philosophy of the game including, “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game but winning is a lot more fun.”

The best coaches in the business are working on their coaching. They leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of that extra goal, tactical advantage or edge over the competition.

This is where TASSACC can help.

We are here for coaches of all levels. We are here to increase the standard of Tasmanian coaches and therefore, increase the standard of Tasmanian sport. Our mission is to see Tasmanian’s playing the best sport possible supported by the best coaches in Australia.

We do this by acting as a collective where coaches can share experiences, successes, failures and offer support to one another regardless of sport, experience and level. Imagine a reserves footy coach being able to connect with former Olympians to ask questions about motivation, pre season fitness or even coaching philosophy!
This is what we offer.

In 2021 we will also be offering seminars to learn from experienced coaches and network. For example, our first event is almost ready to be announced but here’s a sneak peak – we are working with a former international athlete turned coach who will speak about coaching at the highest level and what can be brought to the local level from there and another coach who is helping his athletes achieve personal bests on a weekly basis running over middle distances and will share an inspirational lived experience story.
Two very sharp snoozers who will offer so much to coaches across the state. Keep February 27 in your calendar and free to come along and hear from these two smart and inspirational former athletes who know what it is like to win and have brought that into their coaching.

The TASSACC website is something we continue to work on to create a library of resources that can be accessed by all coaches. It’s live now and thank you to Phil Rickwood for his effort putting it together.

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